FAW Haima Releases Third Generation “Family”

Derived from the eighth generation Mazda Familia (323), Haima Family once rivaled Hyundai Elantra and Buick Excelle in China. In 2007, it was among the ten most popular passenger cars here, delivering 90,000 units. Since then, its sales have been falling steadily while the overall market nearly doubled in size.

On Nov. 16, FAW Haima released the third generation after two years of preparation. Expectations are high. Developed at a cost of 420 million yuan, the redesigned small family car has been said to be a "life-and-death" bet for Haima, as it is to account for half of the company’s total sales in the coming year.

haima family

Not surprisingly, the new Family becomes larger with the wheelbase extended by 5mm and body length by 69mm. Quite a few new features are offered, including follow-me-home lights, speed-sensing door locks, and power sunroof, without significantly raising prices.

haima family

Most welcome is the continuously variable transmission (CVT), which replaces the old 4-speed auto gearbox and is available on both the GLX and GLS trims.Like the 5-speed manual, it is matched with a 1.6L VVT engine rated at 88.2kW/6000rpm and 158Nm/4500rpm. The 70.7KW 1.6-liter found on the previous generation was dropped.

Prices range between 76,800 yuan (for GLX MT) and 98,800 yuan (for GLS CVT). For more photos and details please visit here.