BAW Releases Yusheng007 and 2011 Qishi SUV

Having built Jeeps, in military and civilian versions, for more than four decades, Beijing Auto Works (BAW) has inexplicably missed out on China’s SUV boom in recent years. Now as its parent company, Beijing Auto Industry Co. (BAIC), is trying hard to build its own brands (the first BAIC-brand sedan, BC301Z, rolled off production line last month), BAW is under increasing pressure to catch up.

The two releases on Sunday, the all-new Yusheng007 and refreshed Qishi, show that the state-run company finally began to have ordinary consumers in mind when building vehicles, and yet remains unable to stir their hearts.


baw baic yusheng997

Debuted at the 2010 Beijing Auto Show alongside the new Qishi, Yusheng007 is called the first "city SUV" from BAW, as it is basically a compact, elevated wagon that is not intended for off-road use.

With a chassis that reportedly can be traced to Toyota Prado 3400, Yusheng007 has a 2600 mm wheelbase, 200 mm ground clearance, and 4595 mm body length. Two engine options are provided, a 89 kW 2.0-liter (4G20D4 from Shenyang Xinguang-Huachen/Brilliance) and a 105 kW 2.4-liter (G4CA from Shenyang Xinguang Huaxiang); both are mated with a 5-speed manual transmission. The 2.4L models come as either AWD or RWD, the 2.0L only as RWD.

baw baic yusheng007

Priced between 89,800 and 122,800 Yuan, Yusheng007 is adequately equipped but provides nothing luxurious, with ABS/EBD, power windows/doors, double front airbags being standard on all versions.

For more photos and details of BAW Yusheng007, please click here.

Qishi S12

A body-on-frame SUV (Yusheng007 is of unibody construction), the BAW Qishi is basically a re-baged Jeep 2500, which BAW used to build in partnership with Chrysler, albeit different engines.

baw baic qishi jeep

Overall, the 2011 Qishi, also called Qishi S12, is a disappointment for Jeep lovers, as it again misses much needed upgrades. For styling, it retains the old, boxy shape while the interior is refreshed to look similar to Yusheng007’s. The powertrain is intact: a 90kW 2.0-liter (found on Yusheng007) or a 104kW 2.2-liter matched with a 5-speed manual gearbox.

Although prices have been lowered to the range of 78,800-93,800 yuan, we do not see the reason that the Qishi can win over the consumers it did not in the past.

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