Geely Englon SC7-RV Concept, TX4 Made Youthful: Auto Shanghai in Pictures

Last year Geely showcased a remake of the Englon TX4 (used to be called The London Taxi TX4), the TXN, at the Beijing Auto Show, and described it as a taxicab tailored for the Chinese market. At 2011 Auto Shanghai, the TXN came back in a slightly stretched form as the Englon SC7-RV concept, introduced as a family sedan bringing into harmony a UK heritage and Chinese aesthetics, technology.

(above: Geely Englon SC7-RV Concept)

(Above: Geely Englon TXN)

Except slightly longer and coated in blue rather than black, Englon SC7-RV concept is hardly distinguishable from the TXN from the outside. And we fail to find any real connection, beyond the names, between the concept and the Englon SC7 compact sedan, which has a shorter, 2620mm wheelbase and is used to be called Shanghai Maple/Huapu Haijing).

With a 2715mm wheelbase, 168mm shorter than that of the TX4 and 15mm longer than that of the TXN, the SC7-RV stands 4390mm long, 1820mm wide, 1555mm high. It has a wide, oversized grille comprising 17 bars, and rear lamps resembling those of the Mini Cooper. Overall, it is styled to be a youthful version of the TX4.

(Geely Englon TX4)

Powertrain options: (1) 1.5-liter engine (JLγ-4G15) + 5MT/7DCT; (2) 1.8-liter (JLγ-4G18) + 5MT/6AT/7DCT; (3) 2.0-liter (JLδ-4G20) + 6MT/6AT/7DCT; (4) diesel 2.0-liter JLω-4D20 + 6MT/6AT.

Suspensions: front MacPherson, rear torsion beam.

Brake: Ventilated discs

Drivetrain: FF

Tires: 215/55R16

Seats: 5

Safety features: BMBS, ESC, multiple airbags, seatbelt pretensioners, high strength safety body.

Intelligent technologies: G-NetLink, Can Bus system, one-touch start.

Release date: unknown (volume production of the TXN was said to begin in 2012).

Pictures of Englon SC7-RV:

geely englon sc7 rv
geely englon sc7 rv
geely englon sc7 rv
geely englon sc7 rv
geely englon sc7 rv