Chinese-Made BMW X1 Goes on Sale for 282,000-498,000 Yuan

On March 3, BMW-Brilliance launched in Guangzhou the X1 SAV (sports activity vehicle), which comes in six 2.0L versions priced between 282,000 Yuan and 498,000 Yuan. The X1, assembled in BMW-Brilliance’s new factory in Shenyang, is the third BMW model produced in China, after the 3 and 5 series (including the hybrid 5). More than 40% of its components are said to be locally made. Although currently it still employs the imported N20 engine (turbo-charged straight-4, double-VANOS), trial production of N20 has already started in Shenyang on March 1, and are expected to serve the Chinese-made X1 in the second quarter this year.

bmw brilliance x1
brilliance bmw x1

Located in the Tiexi district in Shenyang, the new BMW factory for now makes only the X1. Its annual production capacity, currently at 100,000 units, is to be doubled in the coming years, according to Dr. Daniel Kirchert, senior vice-president for sales and market of BMW-Brilliance.

Equipped with the advanced N20 (rated 180kW/5000-6500rpm and 350Nm/1250-4800rpm) and an 8-speed automatic transmission, the full-time 4WD xDrive28i can reach 100km/h from standstill in just 6.5 seconds. It is also fuel-efficient, consuming 7.9 liters of gasoline per 100km under ordinary conditions.

bmw n20 engine
bmw n20 engine china shenyang