Photos: Great Wall Haval H7 Hybrid Concept

At the 2012 Beijing Auto Show Great Wall Motor (GWM) showcased a full-size SUV called Haval H7. As the production version of the Haval SC60 concept, the H7 was later re-named as H8. The slot left, as we recently learned, will be filled by a midsize, the concept for which will be unveiled at the upcoming Auto Shanghai 2013.

The H7 concept exposed below sits on a wheelbase of 2850mm and is approximately 4.8m long, 1.9m tall, and 1.8m high. With a sloping roof, the exterior style seems to imitate that of Land Rover Evoque.

haval h7
great wall haval h7 back
great wall haval h7 side
haval h7 wheel
haval h7 interior
haval h7 concept interior
haval h7 hybrid suv

Great Wall Haval H7 Hybrid Concept

The concept has a 4WD, hybrid powertrain, details of which are currently sparse. In one of GWM’s teaser photos, we see a hybrid chassis that comprises a turbo petrol 1.5L engine and electric motors on both front and rear axles. This is likely to be what underlies the H7.

great wall's hybrid chassis

The hybrid powertrain GWM is to showcase at Auto Shanghai 2013

In the Haval H series, models of a body-on-frame design and exceling in off-road conditions were designated by odd numbers (like the H3, H5, H7), while those of a unibody design and exceling in comfort were named by even numbers (like the H2, H6, and H8).