2014 Haima Family/M5 Exposed

FAW Haima’s compact sedan will get a major makeover and new name for 2014. To be released in late 2013 or early 2014, the revamped Family will be placed in the newly-launched M series as M5, between the M3 and M6.

Spy shots indicate the M5 will become slightly larger than the current Family, which has a 2615mm wheelbase and is 4420mm long. The growth in size will help better distinguish it from the M3, which went on sale earlier this year and has a 2600mm wheelbase. Styling changes will be extensive, with a new, Buick-like grille installed at the front and dual tailpipes in the rear. The list of safety features will be extended to include ESP, EBA, and TCS.

front grille
peek of interior

The M5 will inherit the 1.6 liter (HA-VVT-1.6), which can put out a maximum of 88kW of power and 158Nm of torque. The other engine option will be Haima’s new 1.8L petrol engine (484Q-B) of 98kW.

First released in 2002, Haima Family has its origins in the eighth-gen Mazda Familia/323. At one time it rivaled Buick Excelle and Hyundai Elantra in popularity (they together were called the "New Three Main Choices" in the Chinese car market). But now it is a distant follower, with monthly sales down to around 3,000.

head lamp
side view
rear end
interior spy shot