BYD Delivered 30 K9 Electric Buses to Changsha

In exchange for having a BYD production base, the city of Changsha placed an order for 1,000 K9 buses in 2010, which would all be locally made. After a number of delays the first batch were finally delivered on July 16 (not counting the two K9s that had been in field trials). 30 of the all-electric buses now carry passengers along three lines (Route 103, 110, 130) in the capital of Hunan province; before the year end the city hopes to expand the fleet to 100. For each ride passengers are charged at the same rate as with the ordinary air-conditioned buses–2 Yuan.

electric buses in changsha hunan

According to a director at Changsha Transport Administration, the daily expense of running a K9 is only a third of that for a petrol-or diesel-propelled bus. While saving on fuel, the e-bus’s initial cost is high. The price tag of 2 million Yuan (US$326,000) is several times that of conventional buses of a similar size. The battery packs on each vehicle are said to cost 1.3 million Yuan. As the batteries take up extra space, there are only 18 seating positions on the 12-meter long vehicle–although in total it can accommodate 70 people. ;

The city of Changsha has installed 60 charging posts serving the electric fleet. On a typical day, a K9 needs to be plugged-in for six hours for a 250km driving range.

Click on the image below for specifications of BYD K9 (GreenCity):

specifications of byd k9 electric bus