The 2016 BYD e6 Will Get a Longer Driving Range of 400km

A document from China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology reveals that the e6 pure-electric will get larger battery and increased driving range for 2016. On the government paper listing upcoming EVs qualified for sales tax exemption, we are provided with the following data of the upgraded e6:

Automaker Vehicle codename Marketing Name Driving Range in pure-electric mode (km) Curb Weight (kg) Battery Weight (kg) Battery Capacity (kWh)
BYD BYD 7006BEVH BYD e6 400 2420 700 82

Compared with the current, 2014/2015 model, the 2016 e6 will be even heavier (2420 kg vs 2380 kg in curb weight) and can cover a longer distance on one charge (400 km vs. 300 km). More importantly, it gets larger, better battery. The battery pack not only is heavier (700 kg vs. 600 kg) but has increased energy density of about 117 Wh per kilogram; that is, it stores 82 kWh of electricity, compared with the 60 kWh on the old one (although BYD claims that its new LFP battery has an energy density of about 150 Wh per kilogram).


The current 2014/2015 BYD e6

It has been five years since the e6 first hit the market. In May 2010, the first batch of 60 e6s were delivered to a taxi company in Shenzhen. Deliveries to individual buyers started in 2011. Annual sales were 1,544 in 2013 and 3,560 in 2014.

The 2016 e6 will be launched in late 2015. Prices will remain basically unchanged, to range between 300,000 Yuan and 370,000 Yuan before rebates.