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A BMW Mini Van?

bmw-like minivan

Not exactly. But as the mini van is built by Brilliance, a Chinese partner of the German carmaker, the adoption of a double-kidney grille can be deemed as sharing of an important family trait. The upcoming low-cost van, called Jinbei Hai X30, comes from a subsidiary of Brilliance Auto that is based in Chongqing and […]

Lamborghini Selling Milk Tea?

chana changan taurustar van

The high popularity of the Italian luxury car brand in China means that it is an effective marketing tool for all kinds of local products, not only vehicles. In the auto industry, Changan (Chana) has launched the Taurustar van bearing a logo which basically flipped the Lamborghini golden-bull image horizontally. And food makers love it […]

Cadillac-Sponsored Propaganda Movie Premiers in Beijing


Dedicated to the upcoming 90th birthday of the Chinese Communist Party, the film "Beginning of the Great Revival" was launched Wednesday evening in Beijing (a more literal translation of the title of the film is "Founding of a Party"). We, in China, noticed that the Associated Press, followed by others in the US, was quick […]

Zhong’s GrandTigers in Libya’s Civil War

Supporters cheer as a  convoy of Libyan

In Libya where it holds close to half of the local pickup truck market, Zhong Auto (ZXAuto) is trying to turn a loss into a gain. While initially depressed by the disruptions in shipping and canceling of orders, it is now delighted by the frequent exposure of its low-cost trucks that have been turned into […]

A Glimpse of Cadillac’s New Role


The Chinese Communist Party will celebrate its 90th birthday on July 1 this year. Among the many offerings prepared for the 90-year-old is the Cadillac-sponsored, star-studded propaganda film, "The Founding of a Party," which is schedule to hit theaters across China on June 15 (see our post "Cadillac Sponsors Communist Propaganda Film"). On March 29, […]

First Glimpses: Long-delayed Beijing Auto Museum Starts Trial Run after Extensive Design Changes


After years of delay Beijing Auto Museum finally opened to visitors on March 18 for a trial run, showcasing over 70 models and replicas of historical significance. During the two-month trial period, only groups with reservations will be admitted. (replica of a 1901 Duryea owned by Empress-Dowager Cixi is on display in the museum) Located […]

Owner Smashes Lamborghini Gallardo to Get Service


The Jasmine Revolution has failed to blossom in China, but March 15, the "Consumer Rights Day" here, saw some real street action. A dissatisfied Lamborghini Gallardo owner in Qingdao, Shandong, vented his angry by having the luxury car publicly pulverized. And thanks to "Weibo" ("microblog" in Chinese), he is quickly gaining the attention he had […]

Brilliance A4: China’s “BMVV”?


In its official website in English, Brilliance Auto, a BMW partner, ascribes "BMVV quality control process" to its own cars. And we think it means this seriously. The upcoming all-new Brilliance A4, likely to replace the M2 sedan (BS4), turns out to be a good mimic of the BMW 5 series. (part of a screen […]

Chinese Self-Record Speeding 180 MPH in Lamborghini


Some young men in Xi’an, China, apparently had a very exciting Chinese New Year. As most people stayed home for the holiday, they hit the city’s ring roads in a Lamborghini reaching 295 km/h, or 183 miles-per-hour. And soon they found they were challenged by at least two other luxury cars on the road, which […]

“Hall of Shame 2010”


Posting world-record annual sales of over 18 million new vehicles, the auto industry in China is in a self-congratulatory mood looking back at 2010. Yet signs abound that this rapid growth in size is not equal to progress in strength or health. 1. Shanghai GM, which sold most cars among all automakers in China, tops […]

New Models from the 2010 Guangzhou Auto Show (2): GAC-Honda Everus S1


"Everus" has attracted much attention for being the first among a new breed of local brands to launch a volume-production model–that is, the S1 at the Guangzhou Auto Show currently under way. As a marque created by a sino-foreign joint venture (GAC-Honda) specifically for the local market, Everus is distinct from the brand of either […]

JAC Yueyue: Cute as a Beauty Queen?


The most popular superminis in China often look and sound cartoonish and baby-like: QQ, Benben (Benni), Lobo, Panda. And it is not just children they are targeting, but also young females. Although many connect baby cuteness with feminine attraction, few automakers have infantilized women so ostentatiously as JAC (Jianghuai Automobile Co. Ltd) has done with […]

The Most Expensive Chinese Car, $1.2-Million Hongqi HQE, is Getting Ready for Volume Production


Hongqi HQE, which President Hu rode reviewing troops on Tiananmen Square last year, will soon be available to the public with a price tag estimated at 8 million yuan or $1.2 million. Under the code CA7600, it appeared on the list of upcoming models published by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology last month. […]