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The E150 EV was replaced by BAIC EV200 in late 2014.

BAIC E150 EV (pure-electric)
Estimated Price (before rebates) 249,800 Yuan
Rebates (for Beijing residents): 60,000 Yuan from the central government; 60,000 Yuan from the Beijing government; 20,000 Yuan from BAIC.
Market Launch: Released in mid-2013. A demonstration program, which run about 100 E150EVs as taxis in the suburbs of Beijing, started in April 2012.
Length 3998mm
Width 1720mm
Height 1503mm
Wheelbase 2500mm
Curb Weight 1370kg
Seating Capacity 5
Ground Clearance (mm) 110
Drivetrain Front wheel drive
Top Speed (km/h) 125km/h
0-50km/h Time 6.6 seconds
50-80km/h Time 6.9 seconds
Gradeability 20%
Battery Lithium lron Phosphate, from Beijing Pride Power New Energy Battery Technology
–Capacity 23.04kwh, 72Ah
–Voltage 320V
–Charging Time 6 -8 hrs
Electric Motor: Power (kW) 45/20
–Torque (Nm) 144/64
–rpm 9000/3000
Range: NEDC 140km
–at a constant speed of 60km/h 180km
Power Consumption per 100km 12.5kwh