SAIC-GM to Launch “Chevrolet Cavalier”, a Sibling of Buick Excelle GT

The Chevrolet product line in China will soon include a new member, the Cavalier compact sedan. Slotted between Chevrolet Sail and Cruze, the upcoming, China-made Cavalier is unrelated to the Chevrolet car in North America bearing the same name, the production of which was terminated in 2005. In substance, the new Cavalier is a re-badged Buick Excelle GT, both born on GM’s Delta II platform. In SAIC-GM’s product line, it will fill the position left open by the best-seller Buick Excelle, the last one of which rolled off production line on August 8, 2016 (the Excelle is not really related to Excelle GT).


Called "Ke Wo Zi" in Chinese, the 2017 Cavalier will hit the market on Sept. 2, when it will debut at the 2016 Chengdu Motor Show. The price range is estimated to be 75,000-105,000 Yuan.


With a 2600mm wheelbase (compared with the 2700mm of the 2017 Cruze), the Cavalier stands 4544mm long, 1779mm wide, and 1467mm tall. It is powered by a 4-cylinder petrol 1.5 liter, which can put out up to 80kW of power. The engine is paired to either a 5MT or a 6AT. Main rivals of the Cavalier in the local market include FAW-VW Jetta, Changan-Ford Escort, and SAIC-VW Santana.