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Type: State-owned
Established: 1958
Headquarters: Beijing
Main Subsidiaries and Alliances: Beiqi Foton, Beijing Hyundai, Beijing Benz Automotive Co., Ltd (BBAC), Foton Daimler
Sales: 2009: 1.243 million units, including 0.57 million Hyundai brand vehicles;
2010: 1.501 million units, including 0.7 million from Beijing Hyundai, 0.7 million from Beiqi Foton, and over 50,000 from Beijing Benz;
2011: 1.541 million units.
2012: 1.701 million, including 86,000 from Beijing-Hyundai, 620,300 from Beiqi Foton, 94,000 from Beijing Benz.
2013: 2.16 million (including 202,200 of BAIC brand, 665,000 of Foton brand)
Current/recent BAIC brand models: BJ20 Concept
BJ40 (2.4L)
BJ100 Concept
BJ212 (2.0L)
E130/150 hatchback (1.3/1.5L)
E130/150 sedan (1.3/1.5L)
E150 EV (all-electric)
ES 210 (Pure-electric)
EU260 (Pure-electric)
EV200 (all-electric)
EX200 (all-electric)
Huansu H2 (1.5L)
Huansu H3 (1.5/1.8L)
Huansu H6 (1.8L)
Huansu S2 (1.5L)
Huansu S3(1.5/1.8L)
Huansu S6(1.5L)
Qishi (2.0/2.2L)
Senova CC (1.8/2.0L)
Senova D20 Hatchback (1.3/1.5L)
Senova D20 Sedan (1.3/1.5L)
Senova D20 Cross (1.3/1.5L)
Senova D50 (1.5L)
Senova D60 (1.8L)
Senova D70 (1.8/2.0/2.3L)
Senova D80 (1.8/2.0/2.3L)
Senova X25 (1.3/1.5L)
Senova X35 (1.5L)
Senova X55 (1.5L)
Senova X65 (2.0L)
Yongshi (2.7/3.0L)
Yusheng007 (2.0/2.4L)
Weiwang 007 (2.0L)
Weiwang 205(1.0/1.3L)
Weiwang 306(1.3L)
Weiwang M20(1.5L)
Official Web Site–Chinese: (BAIC Motor), (BAW), (BAIC Weiwang), (BAIC Senova), (BAIC Huansu), (BAIC New Energy, BJEV)
Official Web Site–English: Motor
  • 1958: was founded as BAW (Beijing Auto Works) and rolled out the first model, a "Jinggangshan" sedan (shown in pics below).

jinggangshan sedan from baw, baic
baw, baic jinggang mountains sedan

  • 1960s: started making popular models like BJ212 jeeps and BJ130 light-duty trucks.
  • 1984: on January 15 established the first Sino-foreign auto joint venture in China, Beijing Jeep, with AMC (Americian Motors Corporation). Beijing Jeep later became BBDC (Beijing Benz-Daimler Chrysler Automotive Co., Ltd.).
  • 1996. in August founded Beiqi Foton, which was listed in Shanghai in 1998.
  • 2002: Beijing-Hyundai was established on October 18, and on December 23 rolled out its first model, a Sonata.
  • 2003: on May 24 Beiqi Foton opened new factory in Huairou, Beijing, for making Auman medium- and heavy-duty trucks.
  • 2003: signed agreement with Daimler-Chrysler on establishing a joint venture. Foundation stone was laid for Beijing Benz-Daimler Chrysler (BBDC) on December 6, 2004, in Beijing Economic-Technological Development Area in Yizhuang (also called "Beijing eTown").
  • 2006: China-made Mercedes-Benz E280 and E200K hit the market on December 22.
  • 2007: the joint venture between BAIC and Delphi started production on October 26. Beijing Hainachuan Automotive Parts Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of BAIC, was established on November 30.
  • 2008: Beijing-Hyundai rolled out its 1 millionth car on February 22. The joint venture of Beijing Foton Cummins Engine was founded on March 26.
  • 2009: founded BAIC New Energy Vehicle and Beijing Pride Power System Technology, two new subsidiaries.
  • 2012: launched the Senova (Shenbao) brand. The first Senova model, which was derived from Saab 9-5 and sometimes called D70, was released on May 11, 2013.
  • 2013: acquired a 70% stake in Changhe Auto in November, as Chang’an bowed out; the Jiangxi provincial government owned 30% of Changhe.
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