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Type: A joint venture of BAIC and Hyundai (BHMC)
Established: 2002
Headquarters: Shunyi, Beijing
Main Subsidiaries and Alliances:  
Current/recent models: Accent (1.4L),
Elantra Lingdong (1.4/1.6),
Elantra Langddong (1.6/1.8L),
Elantra Yuedong (1.6/1.8L),
i30 (1.6/2.0L),
Mistra (1.8/2.0L),
Sonata (1.6/2.0/2.4L)
Sonata Moinca (2.0L),
Sonata NFC (2.0/2.4L),
Sonata YF (2.0/2.4L),
Verna notchback (1.4/1.6L),
Verna hatchback(1.4/1.6L)
ix25 Concept (1.6/2.0L)
ix35 (2.0/2.4L),
Santa Fe (2.0/2.4L), Tucson (1.6/2.0L)
Sales (units): 2009: 570,309
2010: 703,008
2011: 739,800
2012: 860,000
2013: 1.03 million
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  • 2002: BAIC (Beijing Auto) and Hyundai signed partnership agreement in Beijing on April 29. The joint venture was established on October 18, and rolled out its first model, a Sonata, on December 23.
  • 2003: China-made Hyundai Elantra went on sale on December 23.
  • 2004: Opened its engine plant on April 28, and marked the production of 200,000 vehicles on December 23.
  • 2005: Hyundai Elantra started to serve as taxis in Beijing in January. The joint venture’s first SUV product, Tucson, hit the market on June 16. Three months later, Sonata NF was released.
  • 2006: China-made Hyundai Accent went on sale on March 16. Ground was broken for the joint venture’s second factory and technology center.
  • 2007: Opened its second engine plant on August 20.
  • 2008: Rolled out 1 millionth car on February 22. Opened the second factory and released Elantra Yuedong on April 8. Sonata Lingxiang went on sale on December 23.
  • 2009: Sonata Moinca hit the market on August 7. The i30 hatchback was released on September 9.
  • 2010: Hyundai ix35 was released as the joint venture rolled out 2 millionth car on April 8. Ground was broken for Beijing-Hyundai’s third factory on November 28.
  • 2011: Rolled out the first eighth-gen Sonata on January 10; deliveries started on April 8.
  • 2012: Opened the third factory as Elantra Landong rolled off the line; the new plant could produce 400,000 cars and 400,000 engines a year. The total production capacity of Beijing-Hyundai reached 1 million vehicles per year. Locally-made Santa Fe was released on December 23.
  • 2013: Hyundai Mistra made its debut at the Shanghai motor show. A fleet of 50 "Shouwang" (BHCD-1) pure-electric cars started to run as taxis in Pinggu, Beijing, in a demonstration program.
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