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Type: A joint venture of Brilliance and BMW
Established: 2003
Headquarters: Shenyang, Liaoning
Main Subsidiaries and Alliances:  
Current/recent models: BMW:
2 Series Active Tourer (1.5/2.0L)

3 Series (1.6/2.0/3.0L)

5 Series (2.0/3.0L)

530Le PHEV
X1 (2.0L)
60H PHEV (1.5L)
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Sales of BMW China (units): 2009: 90,536 (including 45,000 from BMW Brilliance)
2010: 183,328
2011: 232,585
2012: 303,169 (including 162,620 from BMw Brilliance)
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  • 2003: BMW-Brilliance was registered and established in Shenyang, Liaoning, in May. BMW 325i went on sale in October, BMW 530i in November.
  • 2004: Opened a vehicle plant in the Dadong district of Shenyang in May.
  • 2005: Opened a BMW training center in Beijing in May. The fifth-gen BMW 3 Series hit the Chinese market in September.
  • 2006: Long-wheelbase BMW 5 Series (530Li, 525Li, 523Li), made at the Dadong plant, was launched at the Beijing motor show in November.
  • 2007: Opened a BMW parts distribution center in Shanghai in November.
  • 2009: Agreement signed on the "BMW Brilliance Phase II Expansion" project. A new vehicle plant would be built in the Tiexi district of Shenyang, with a designed annual production capacity of 100,000 units (later the goal was raised to 200,000).
  • 2012: Opened the Tiexi plant in May, which rolled out the long-wheelbase BMW 3 Series in July. On August 2, agreement signed to build a new engine plant in Tiexi, which would open in 2015 and produce 400,000 units a year. BMW X1 rolled off the line in Tiexi in November.
  • 2013: Rolled out the all-new BMW 3 Series of the standard wheelbase in January. Launched the "Zinoro" brand, targeting the local market, in Beijing in April.
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