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Type: A joint venture of Chang’an and Ford
Established: 2001
Headquaters: Chongqing
Current/recent Ford-brand vehicles: EcoSport (1.0/1.5L)
Edge (2.0/2.7L)
Escort (1.5L)
Fiesta Sedan (1.5L)
Fiesta Hatchback (1.5L)
Focus Sedan (1.0/1.5/1.6L)
Focus Hatchback (1.0/1.5/1.6L)
Kuga (1.6/2.0L)
Mondeo (1.5/2.0)
S-Max (2.3L)
Taurus (2.0L)
Current/recent Volvo-brand vehicles: S40 (2.0L)
S80L (2.0/3.0L)
Sales of Ford-brand vehicles by Changan Ford: 2009: 230,700
2010: 304,104
2011: 320,658
2012: 418,500
2013: 678,951 (403,640 of Focus, 95,891 of Kuga, 59,680 of EcoSport, 35,747 of Mondeo)
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