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Type: Government-owned
Established: 1997
Headquarters: Wuhu, Anhui
Subsidiaries/joint ventures: Karry Auto, Qoros Automotive, Chery Jaguar Land Rover
Current/recent models:  


A1 (1.0/1.3L)
A3 Sedan (1.6/1.8L)
A3 Hatchback (1.6/1.8L)
A5 (1.5/1.6/1.8/2.0L)
Arrizo 3 (1.5)
Arrizo 5 (1.2/1.5L)
Arrizo 7 (1.6)
Arrizo 7 PHEV (1.6)
Arrizo M7 (1.8/2.0L)
Cowin 1 (1.0/1.3L)
Cowin 2 (1.5L)
Cowin 3 (1.5/1.8/2.0L)
Cowin 5 (1.8L)
Eastar (1.8/2.0L)
E3 (1.5L)
E5 (1.5/1.8L)
eQ (pure-electric)
Fulwin Sedan (1.5L)
QQ (1.0L)
QQ3 (0.8/1.0L)
QQ3 EV (pure electric)
QQ6 (1.1/1.3L)
QQme (1.3L)
Tiggo 3 (1.6L)
Tiggo 5 (1.5/2.0L)
Tiggo 7 (1.5/2.0L)
Tiggo DR (1.8/2.0L)



Aika Pickup (2.2L)
Higgo Pickup (2.2L)
K50 (1.5L)
Youjin (Chery Q22B) (1.0/1.1L)
Youpai (Chery Q21) (1.0/1.1L)
Yousheng (Chery Q21D) (1.0/1.1L)
Youya (Chery S22) (1.5L)
Youyi (Chery A18) (1.5L)
Youyou (Chery Q22) (1.0/1.1L)
Youyou 2 (Chery Q22 II) (1.0/1.2L)



H3 (2.0L)
H5 (2.0L)
V5 (1.8/1.9/2.0L)
X5 (2.0L)



G3 (1.6L)
G5 (2.0L)
G6 (2.0L)

M1 (1.0/1.3L)
M5 (1.3L)
X1 (1.3/1.5L)

Sales (units): 2009: 500,000
2010: 682,000
2011: 643,000
2012: 556,993
2013: 430,800
Official Web Site–Chinese (Chery Auto);(Karry Auto)
Official Web Site–English
  • 1997: Was founded on January 8 as Anhui Auto Parts Co., Ltd. with a registered capital of 4.8 billion Yuan. Ground broken on engine plant in March (in 1996, Chery bought an engine and car production line from Ford UK for US$25 million.).
  • 1998: Construction of vehicle plant started in March.
  • 1999: Rolled out first engine, a CAC480, on May 18 and first car, a Fulwin, on December 18.
  • 2001: Anhui Auto Parts was renamed SAIC-Chery in January. SAIC acquired a 20% stake in the joint venture; in return, Chery could use SAIC’s permit to build and sell cars in China. In March, SAIC-Chery Fulwin went on sale. In October, 10 Fulwins were shipped to Syria.
  • 2003: QQ3 was released on May 21, Eastar on July 3, Cowin on August 20. The SAIC-Chery alliance dissolved in June.
  • 2005: Chery Tiggo3 SUV hit the market on March 22. Rolled out the first ACTECO engine on March 28.
  • 2006: Chery A5 was released on January 10, Eastar Cross on June 6, QQ6 on September 9. Marked the production of half a million cars on March 28. Signed agreement with Ukraine’s UAC on assembling Chery cars in the eastern European country.
  • 2007: Karry Youyi (Chery A18 microvan) went on sale on March 15, Chery A1 on April 20, Riich 2 on July 13. Signed JV agreement with Argentina’s SOCMA on building a vehicle plant in the South American country on March 22. Entered a partnership with IRAN KHODRO and Canada’s SOLITAC for building cars in Iran. Founded the joint venture "Chery Quantum Auto Co., Ltd." with Israel Corp.
  • 2008: Opened an assembly line in Malaysia on September 2. Chery A3 hit the market on September 26.
  • 2009: Chery A5 BSG hybrid was released on January 10, Karry Youpai (Chery Q21) on March 30, Riich M1 on April 20, Chery QQme on June 26, Karry Youyou (Chery Q22) on September 1, Riich X1 on November 15, Riich G5 on December 23. Rolled out Chery S18 (Riich M1) pure-electric on February 16, Riich G6 on March 19.
  • 2010: Rolled out the 2 millionth car on March 26. Opened a vehicle testing and research center on July 3. The Riich M1 EV was released on November 3.
  • 2011: Chery E5 hit showrooms on July 6. Rolled out the 3 millionth car on July 27. The joint venture of Chery-Quantum was re-named Qoros Auto in November.
  • 2012: Foundation stone laid for Jaguar Land Rover and Chery’s plant in Changshu, Jiangsu, on November 18.
  • 2013: On April 16, launched "One Chery" strategy, dropping Riich and Rely brands and re-focusing on "Chery;" new Chery logo unveiled. Chery Arrizo7 went on sale in July, E3 in September.
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