First Automobile Works (FAW)

Brands of current/recent products:

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FAW Besturn
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FAW Freewin
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FAW Hongqi
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FAW Jiefang
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Type: State-owned
Established: 1953
Headquarters: Changchun, Jilin
Main Subsidiaries and Alliances: FAW Jiefang, FAW Car Co. (000800.SZ), FAW Bus, FAW Haima, FAW Volkswagen, FAW Audi, Sichuan FAW Toyota, Tianjin FAW Toyota, FAW Mazda, FAW GM Light-duty Commercial Vehicle
Current/recent FAW cars: Besturn B30 (1.6L)
Besturn B50 (1.6/1.8L)
B50 EV
Besturn B70 (1.8/2.0L)
Besturn B90 (1.8/2.0L)
Besturn X40 (1.6L)
Besturn X80 (1.8/2.0L)
Jumper A70 (1.5L)
Jumper D60 (1.5L)
Oley Sedan (1.5L)
Oley Hatchback (1.5L)
Vela (Weile) (1.5L)
Vita (Weizhi) (1.5L)
Vita V2 (1.3L)
Vita V5 (1.5L)
Vizi (Weizi) (1.3L)
Xiali A (1.0L)
Xiali N3 Sedan (1.0L)
Xiali N3 Hatchback (1.0L)
Xiali N5 (1.0/1.3L)
Xiali N7 (1.3L)
Freewin (1.9/2.0/2.4L)
Jiabao V70 II (1.0/1.3L)
Jiabao V75/V77 (1.0/1.3L)
Jiabao V80 (1.3L)
Kuncheng Pickup Truck (2.0/2.4L)
Senya R7 (1.5L)
Xenia (Senya) M80 (1.3/1.5L)
Xenia (Senya) S80 (1.3/1.5L)
Hongqi H7 (2.0/3.0L)
Hongqi L5 (6.0L)
Hongqi LS5 (4.0L)
Hongqi Shengshi (HQ3)(3.0/4.3L)
Hongqi SUV concept
Sales (units): 2009: 1.945 million
2010: 2.558 million
2011: 2,601,351
2012: 2,645,900
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  • 1953: Construction of FAW started in Changchun, Jilin, on July 15, with assistance from the Soviet Union.
  • 1954: A Soviet delegation headed by Khrushchev and Bulganin made a visit of the construction site on October 5.
  • 1956: Construction of the Changchun factory was completed. FAW rolled out the first vehicle, a Jiefang truck, on July 15.
  • first jiefan truck

    Pic above: FAW began to roll out Jiefang trucks in 1956

  • 1958: Made the first Dongfeng- and Hongqi- brand sedans.
    first hongqi sedan

    Pic above: First Hongqi (Red Flag) sedan

  • 1959: A fleet of Hongqi cars were delivered to Beijing, for the celebration of Communist China’s 10th Anniversary.
  • 1964: The FAW logo was created. In November, FAW was re-named Changchun Auto Branch Company (the new name was used until January 1, 1969).
  • original faw logo

    Pic above: original FAW logo

  • 1966: Started to produce Hongqi CA770, which served as the ride of top communist leaders.
  • 1967: Started on the plan to build the Second Auto Works, later known as Dongfeng Motor.
  • 1968: FAW’s Revolutionary Committee was founded as the Great Cultural Revolution reached its peak.
  • 1969: The first Hongqi CA772 was made.
  • 1971: Annual output topped 50,000 units, including 102 Hongqi cars.
  • 1974: Rolled out Hongqi CA774.
  • 1983: Rolled out the 1 millionth vehicle on February 26.
  • 1986: First Hongqi CA750F was made.
  • 1990: An Audi assembly line was installed in April. On November 20, FAW and Volkswagen signed JV agreement.
  • 1991: FAW-Volkswagen was established on February 8.
  • 1992: FAW Group was founded.
  • 1994: First Hongqi CA7560H was made
  • 1996: In June FAW-Volkswagen completed construction of its car plant, designed to roll out 150,000 units a year.
  • 1997: FAW Car Co., Ltd. was founded in Changchun and listed in Shenzhen.
  • 1998: Hongqi CA7460, developed jointly with Ford, rolled off the production line. Hainan Auto became a branch of FAW.
  • 2002: Acquired Tianjin Auto. Signed JV agreement with Toyota.
  • 2003: Tianjin FAW Toyota was established on September 11.
  • 2004: FAW-Volkswagen rolled out 1 millionth car on January 7. Production of Toyota Corolla started in Tianjin in February. In July, FAW Haima Auto was founded.
  • 2005: FAW-Mazda was established on March 28. Hongqi HQ3 was launched.
  • 2006: Besturn B70 from FAW Car went on sale.
  • 2008: FAW Car started expanding production capacity for Besturn and Hongqi cars. Hongqi Shengshi was released in October.
  • 2009: Besturn B50 rolled off the line in March. FAW-Volkswagen started constructing Chengdu plant in May. FAW-GM Light-duty Commercial Vehicle was established on August 30. Hongqi HQE was launched for the 60th anniversary of the People’s Republic of China.
  • 2010: FAW-Volkswagen signed agreement to build new plant in Foshan, Guangdong.
  • 2012: Hongqi H and L series were unveiled at the Beijing motor show.
  • 2013: Hongqi H7 hit the market on May 30.
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