Fujian Benz (Fujian Daimler)

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Type: A joint venture between Fujian Motors and Daimler Light Vehicle (Hong Kong); a subsidiary of Beijing-Benz
Established: 2007
Headquarters: Fuzhou, Fujian
Main Subsidiaries and Alliances: Beijing Benza
Current/recent models: Sprinter (2.1L)
V-Class (2.0L)
Viano (2.5/3.5L)
Vito (2.2/2.5L)
Sales: 2012: about 7,500
2013: 11,208
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Official Web Site–English; None
  • 2007: Established on June 8 as Fujian Daimler Auto (FJDA). Started construction of a vehicle plant in the Minhou county of Fuzhou, Fujian, on August 27.
  • 2009: Rolled out the first vehicle in trial production on April 3.
  • 2010: Opened the vehicle plant on April 16.
  • 2011: Mercedes-Benz Viano and Vito hit the market on April 18, Sprinter on November 21.
  • 2012: Fujian Daimler was re-named Fujian Benz on March 1.
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