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Type: Public (600991.SS), a subsidiary of Guangzhou Automobile Group (GAC)
Established: 1950, 1996
Headquarters: Changsha, Hunan
Main Subsidiaries and Alliances: Changfeng Mitsubishi
Current/recent models:


Liebao CS6 (2.4/2.5L)
Liebao CS7 (2.0L)
Liebao (Leopaard) CS10 (2.0L)
Liebao CT5 (2.4/2.5L)
Liebao Feiteng (2.0L)

Liebao (Leopaard) Feiteng C5 (1.5L)
Liebao Heijingang (2.2/2.4/2.5L)
Leopaard Q6 (2.2/2.4/2.5L)
DUV (2.4L)
Kylin (Qilin) (1.6L)
Liebao Qibing (2.2L)


Pajero (3.0L)

Sales (units): 2009: 34,000
2010: 46,698
2011: 32,400
2012: 20,210
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  • 1950: Changfeng traces its history to the 7319 factory of the People’s Liberation Army (PLA), which started as a mechanical service workshop set up in Guangdong in June 1950.
  • 1965: PLA 7319 Factory was founded in July.
  • 1985: Started to make the Sanlian-brand SL-130B van and XL212 off-road vehicle in Hunan.
  • 1986: Started to make Changfeng-brand CF-630 van.
  • 1992: Shipped four Liebao vehicles to overseas markets.
  • 1996: Changfeng Group Co., Ltd. and Changfeng Motor Co., Ltd. were founded on basis of the PLA 7319 Factory. Mitsubishi was one of the owners of Changfeng Motor.
  • 2002: Opened a R&D center in Changsha, Hunan, on February 26. Liebao V6-3000 rolled off the line in Changsha.
  • 2003: Opened an axle plant in Hengyang, Hunan, in February.
  • 2004: Opened a new vehicle plant in Changsha on August 28. Changfeng-Mitsubishi Pajero was released in December.
  • 2005: Established Anhui Changfeng Yangzi Auto Co., Ltd. in March, which rolled out its first pickup truck on April 12.
  • 2007: Showcased Liebao CS7, CS6, Feibao CT5, Changfeng UU-CT3, and a concept at the North American Motor Show in January. Ground was broken for a petrol engine plant in Changsha on July 26. Liebao CS6 and Qiling MPV rolled off the line in Yongzhou, Hunan, in October.
  • 2008: Started to build an automatic-transmission plant in Hengyang, Hunan, in October.
  • 2009: Liebao CS7 rolled off the line in Changsha on April 5. GAC (Guangzhou Auto) acquired a 29% stake in Changfeng Group in May; Changfeng was re-named GAC Changfeng.
  • 2010: Hunan Fengshun Axle, a subsidiary of Changfeng, signed agreement with Focana to build automatic transmissions.
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