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Type: a joint venture of GAC (Guangzhou Auto) and Toyota
Established: 2004
Headquarters: Guangzhou, Guangdong
Current/recent models: Camry (2.0/2.5L)
Camry hybrid (2.5L)
E’Z (1.6/1.8L)
Highlander (2.0/3.5L)
Levin (1.5/1.8L)
Levin Hybrid (1.8L)
Yaris (1.3/1.5L)
Sales (units): 2009: 209,400 2010: 270,000 2011: 264,000
2012: 250,088
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  • 2004: Was established as Guangzhou Toyota on September 6 (business license issued on September 1). Construction of the vehicle plant in Nansha started in November.
  • 2005: Began installing equipments at the Nansha plant in September. Held the first supplier conference on November 19. Revealed the Chinese name of Camry–"Kaimeirui"–at the Guangzhou motor show in November.
  • 2006: Guangzhou-Toyota Camry was launched in Zhongshan on April 25, rolled off the production line on May 25, and hit the market on June 17.
  • 2007: Rolled out the 200,000th Camry on November 2.
  • 2008: Rolled out the first Yaris on May 15. Guangzhou Toyota was renamed as GAC Toyota in December.
  • 2009: Started production of the Highlander SUV on May 25.
  • 2010: Camry Hybrid rolled off the line and was launched on April 12.
  • 2011: Rolled out the Toyota E’Z (Verso) on June 23. Had produced 1 million cars on August 4. The seventh-gen Camry was launched in Shanghai on November 18 and rolled off the line on December 8.
  • 2012: The hybrid version of the seventh-gen Camry was launched on May 21.
  • 2013: The revamped Yaris (YARis L, or "Zhixuan") was unveiled at the Shanghai motor show in April.
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