Great Wall Motor

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Great Wall
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Type: Public (SEHK.2333)
Established: 1976
Headquarters: Baoding, Hebei
Current/recent models: Coolbear (1.5L)
Florid (1.3/1.5L)
HOVER•Π (2.4L)
(Voleex) C20R (1.5L)
(Voleex) C30 (1.5L)
(Voleex) C50 (1.5T)
Deer (2.2/2.8L)
Haval H1 (1.5L)
Haval H2 (1.5L)
Haval H3 (2.0/2.4/2.5L)
Haval H5 (2.0L)
Haval H6 (2.0/2.0T)
Haval H6 Coupe (2.0T)
Haval H8 (2.0L)
Haval H7 (2.0L)
Haval H9 (2.0L)
M1 (1.3L)
M2 (1.5L)
Haval Coupe concept
Ling’ao (1.3/1.5L)
M4 (1.5L)
(Voleex) V80 (Cowry) (2.0L)
Wingle3 (2.2/2.4/2.8L)
Wingle5 (2.2/2.4/2.8L)
Wingle 5: Euro Edition (2.0/2.4/2.8L)
Wingle 6 (2.0L)
Sales (units): 2009: 225,000; 2010: 397,300; 2011: 486,800; 2012: 620,000 (487,400 within China); 2013: 754,000 (627,436 within China)
Official Web Site–Chinese (Great Wall), (Haval)
Official Web Site–International (English), (Haval Global), /(Spanish), (Russian)
  • 1984: Great Wall Motor was established in Baoding, Hebei. It was preceded by Baoding Great Wall Industry.
  • 1990: Wei Jianjun, aged 26 then, became the General Manager on July 1.
  • 1996: The first Great Wall Deer pickup truck rolled off production line on March 5.
  • 1997: Started to export pickup trucks to the Middle East in October.
  • 1998: Became the largest pickup truck maker in China.
  • 2000: Great Wall ICE (Internal Combustion Engine) Co., Ltd. was established on June 18.
  • 2001: Sailor pickup rolled off the line on June 12.
  • 2002: Safe pickup hit showrooms in May.
  • 2003: Ground broken for Phase I of Great Wall Motor Industrial Park in May. Product line was expanded to include Sing RUV, Pegasus SUV, and SoCool pickup. Became listed in Hong Kong on December 15.
  • 2005: Great Wall Haval (Hover) CUV rolled off the line on March 6, as construction of Phase I of GWM’s industrial park was completed. Started to build a sedan plant on July 1, which had a designed capacity of 200,000 units a year.
  • 2006: Rolled out the diesel 2.8L INTEC engine on August 25, which was developed jointly with Bosch. Started to ship Haval (Hover) CUVs to Italy in September. First Wingle pickup truck rolled off the line on December 18.
  • 2007: Opened the sedan plant in October. Launched new GWM logo.
  • 2008: Florid was released on November 6.
  • 2009: Haval CUVs rolled off assembly line in Vietnam on February 10. Coolbear went on sale in March, GWPERI and Florid Cross in August, Haval M1 on September 16, Ling’ao in November.
  • 2010: Wingle5 pickup truck and Haval M2 hit showrooms in March. Production ceased for Sailor and SoCool. Voleex C30 went on sale in April, Voleex V80 MPV (previously known as Cowry) in August. Ground broken for Phase II of GWM’s passenger car plant in October. Haval M3, Haval H6, and Voleex C50 were released in December.
  • 2011: Signed memo with Ricardo on cooperation in March. Opened assembly line in Senegal. Haval H6, made in Tianjin, was released in August. Opened assembly line in Malaysia on September 27, and became listed in Shanghai the next day.
  • 2012: Opened assembly line in Bulgaria on February 21. Released Haval H6 and Voleex C50 in Ukraine on May 23. Voleex C30 and Wingle3 rolled off line in Iran in May. Ling’ao was released in Chile in July.
  • 2013: Launched dual-brand strategy, unveiling Haval logo, on March 29.
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