Guangdong FODAY Automobile Co., LTD

Brands of current/recent products:

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Type: Private enterprise
Established: 2001
Current/recent models: Explorer (2.0/2.2/2.8L)
Landfort (1.9/2.4L)
Lion (2.2/2.8L)
Lion F22(1.9/2.4L)
Little Superman (2.2/2.8L)
Headquarters: Foshan, Guangdong
  • 1998: Foday’s predecessor, the state-run Nanhai Factory of Nanjing Auto Joint Operation, was founded.
  • 2001: Foday was established on April 26 through restructuring the Nanhai Factory, which had suffered heavy losses for several years.
  • 2003: Ground broken for Foday’s new plant on September 29.
  • 2004: Explorer III SUV and Lion pickup truck were launched.
  • 2006: Little Superman pickup truck was released.
  • 2010: Explorer 6 hit the market on October 27.
  • 2011: Foday started to expand its factory in Foshan, aiming to raise production capacity to 150,000 whole vehicles a year.
  • 2012: Lion F16 pickup truck went on sale on September 15.
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