SAIC Volkswagen (Shanghai Volkswagen, SVW)

Brands of current/recent products:


Type: a joint venture of SAIC and Volkswagen
Established: 1985
Headquarters: Shanghai
Current/recent models:


Lamando (1.4/2.0L)
Cross Lavida (1.4/1.6L)
Gran Lavida (1.4/1.6L)
Gran Santana (1.4/1.6L)
Lavida (1.4/1.6L)
New Passat (NMS) (1.4/1.8/2.0/3.0L)
Passat-Lingyu (1.8/2.0/2.8L)
Phideon (2.0/3.0L)
New Polo (1.4/1.6L)
Polo GTI (1.4L)
Polo Sedan (1.4/1.6L)
Polo Hatchback (1.4/1.6L)
Cross Polo (1.6L)
Polo Sporty (1.6L)
Santana (1.4/1.6L)

Tiguan (1.4/1.8/2.0L)

Tiguan L (1.8/2.0L)
Touran (1.4L)


Fabia (1.4/1.6L)
Octavia (1.4/1.6L)
Rapid (1.4/1.6L)
Superb (1.4/1.8/2.0L)
Kodiaq (1.4/1.8/2.0L)
Yeti (1.4/1.8L)

Sales: 2009: 728,000 units, including 600,000 of the VW brand and 12,800 of the Skoda brand
2010: 1,001,357, including over 800,000 of VW and 200,089 of Skoda
2011: 1.15 million, including 930,000 of VW and 220,089 of Skoda
2012: 1,280,008 including 1,050,005 from VW and 230,003 from Skoda
2013: 1,527,008 (1,305,450 from VW brand, 221,558 from Skoda brand)
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  • 1982: In October a team of five from Shanghai Auto arrived in West Germany to study at VW.
  • 1983: A VW Santana was assembled at Shanghai Auto on April 11.
  • first vw santana in china

    The first VW Santana assembled in China

  • 1984: The contract to set up the Shanghai-Volkswagen joint venture was signed at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing on October 10. China’s Vice Premier Li Peng and West Germany’s Helmut Kohl laid the foundation stone for Shanghai-Volkswagen on October 12.
  • 1985: Shanghai Volkswagen Auto Co., Ltd. was established on March 21 (business license was issued on February 12). Production started on September 1.
  • 1987: Opened an engine assembly line on October 23.
  • 1990: Construction of SVW Phase I was completed on April 18, creating an annual production capacity of 60,000 cars and 100,000 engines.
  • 1991: Supplemental JV contract signed on October 20 to increase investment and develop Santana 2000.
  • 1992: Rolled out the 100,000th Santana on October 28.
  • 1995: Construction of SVW Phase II was completed on April 20. Santana 2000 rolled off the line on the same day. Rolled out the half-a-millionth Santana on November 28.
  • 1996: Annual vehicle output topped 200,000 units.
  • 1998: Rolled out the one millionth car in February.
  • 1999: Shanghai-Volkswagen Passat rolled off the line on December 15.
  • 2000: SVW’s No.3 plant opened on April 15. Shanghai Volkswagen Sales Company was established on October 19, owned jointly by SVW (20%), SAIC (50%), and VW China (30%).
  • 2001: The first China-made VW Polo rolled off the line on December 30.
  • 2002: Extended the JV contract by 20 years on April 12. Rolled out the 2 millionth car on June 28. Annual sales topped 300,000.
  • 2003: Opened a proving ground in Jiading, Shanghai, on August 8. SVW Gol was released the next day. Annual sales reached 396,006.
  • 2004: Santana 3000 hit the market on March 2, and Touran MPV on November 23.
  • 2005: Signed contract on April 11 with Skoda to introduce the Czech brand to China. Rolled out the 3 millionth car on July 5. Passat Lingyu was released on November 24.
  • 2007: SVW-made Skoda Octavia went on sale on June 6, and Cross Polo on December 23.
  • 2008: Santana Vista was released on January 6. Lavida made its debut at the Beijing motor show in April, and went on sale on June 25. China-made Skoda Fabia hit showrooms on December 22. Annual sales topped half a million.
  • 2009: Locally built Skoda Superb was released on August 18. Rolled out the 5 millionth car on October 15. SVW Tiguan was launched at the Guangzhou motor show in November.
  • 2010: Rolled out the first EA888 engine on March 18. SVW Tiguan hit showrooms on March 26. Annual sales topped 1 million.
  • 2011: All-new Passat (NMS) was released on April 17.
  • 2012: Started constructing Ningbo plant in January and Xinjiang plant (in Urumqi) in May. Started production at Yizhen plant on July 26. All-new Santana was unwrapped at Wolfsburg on October 29 and released on December 16.
  • 2013: Rolled out the 9 millionth car in April. SVW-made Skoda Rapid was released on April 18, and Yeti SUV was launched at the Chengdu motor show in August. Started constructing Changsha plant in May. SVW Gran Lavida was released on June 29, Cross Lavida launched at the Chengdu motor show.
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