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Type: Private, a subsidiary of Zotye Holding
Established: 2003
Headquarters: Yongkang, Zhejiang
Main Subsidiaries and Alliances: Jiangnan Auto
Current/recent models:


Cloud 100 EV (pure-electric)
E200 (pure-electric)
E30 (pure-electric)
M300 (Multipla, Langyue) (1.6L)
M300 EV (pure-electric)
2008/Nomad (1.3/1.5L)
5008/Nomad II (1.3/1.5L)
5008 (Nomad II) EV
SR7 (1.5L)
SR9 (2.0L)
T200 (1.3/1.5L)
T600 (1.5/2.0L)
Domy X5 (1.5L)
Domy X7 (1.5/1.8L)
Z100 (1.0L)
Z200 hatchback (1.3/1.5L)
Z200 sedan (1.3/1.5L)
Z300 (1.5/1.6L)
Z500 (1.5L)
Z700 (2.0L)
Zotye Zhidou (ZD) E20 (pure-electric)
V10 (1.2L)


Jiangnan TT (Alto) (0.8)

Sales: 2010: 128,000
2011: 94,800
2012: 121,250
2013: 134,263
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  • 2003: was established in Yongkang, Zhejiang.
  • 2005: bought the facilities and know-how for manufacturing Daihatsu Terios from Taiwan.
  • 2006: Zotye 2008 (Nomad), essentially a re-badged Daihatsu Terios, was released in January. Sales of this mini SUV topped 10,000 in the year.
  • 2007: acquired Jiangnan Auto in April and debuted Zotye-made Jiangnan Alto at the Shanghai motor show. Foundation laid for Zotye’s Changsha base in Hunan province in November. In talks with Fiat to buy assets for making Lancia Lybra, Fiat Multipla, Palio, Siena.
  • 2008: Released Jiangnan TT, an updated version of Jiangnan Alto, in February. Zotye 5008 (Nomad II), a facelifted version of 2008, hit the market in August. In November Acquired permit from the Chinese government for manufacturing pure-electric cars. In December the Zotye M300, a rebadged Fiat Multipla, rolled off the line in Changsha and went on sale.
  • 2009: released Zotye 2008 EV in April. New Z-letter logo launched.
  • 2010: started to deliver Zotye 5008 EV.
  • 2011: Zotye M300 EVs started to serve as taxis in Hangzhou in January. Zotye V10 microvan rolled off the line in Yongkang, Zhejiang, in February.
  • 2012: Zotye Z300 went on sale.
  • 2013: Zotye T200, the next-gen 5008, and Z100, the revamped Jiangnan TT/Alto, went on sale. Zotye T600 SUV was released on December 22.

zotye headquarters in yongkang, zhejiang

Zotye headquarters in Yongkang, Zhejiang

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