Hawtai E90 (B11)

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The 2015 Hawtai E90 (or Lusheng E90), unveiled at the 2014 Beijing motor show, is a refreshed version of the Hawtai B11 sedan. It will be released in the second half of 2014.

The B11 is a midsize sedan built by Hawtai Auto. It was the first sedan model released by the automaker that made its fortune by producing re-badged Hyundai SUVs. When launched in April 2010 at the Beijing motor show, the Bentley lookalike was called "Hawtai Yuantian B11." Deliveries started on December 28, 2010.

While evoking a Bentley in appearance, the B11 is believed to be inspired by Toyota Camry in the underpinnings.

So far two engine options have been provided: the gasoline Kavachi 1.8T from SAIC and the OED diesel 2.0T developed jointly by Hawtai and Italy’s VM Motori.

In 2014, only 61 units of the B11 were sold.