Chinese Auto Sales Down 6.7% from June to July–CATARC

Data released by China Automotive Technology and Research Center (CATARC) today confirmed that July saw the worst monthly sales of new autos in China so far this year. Consumers bought 1,056,200 units, 6.7% less than June. Compared with the same period last year, sales gained 17.18% in July, slowing down from the overall year-on-year growth […]

“New Beetle” EV for Only $3,000?


(The pics: "VW New Beetle" EVs) As today’s China can tell, EVs are not all high-tech, high-priced products gaining favors from governments everywhere. Pure-electric cars can be cheaper and easier to make, and many Chinese officials, especially those in big cities, just cannot tolerate them–even though the general public often find them useful. Workshops have […]

Shanghai GM to Build Chevrolet Captiva


Earlier this week, Shanghai GM’s marketing chief Ren, Jianqiong confirmed that the Captiva crossover SUV will be the next all-new model to roll off the joint venture’s production line. A 2010 fourth quarter release can be expected. Developed by GM Daewoo from the Chevrolet S3X concept and based on the GM Theta platform, Chevrolet Captiva […]

As Demand Softens, More Automakers Could Face Oversupply Risk

Things happen fast in China. Just six months ago, all major vehicle producers here operated night shifts and still could not meet the seemingly insatiable demand. Now about half of them see a glut threat in the rest of the year. Quite a few of them will miss sales targets. According to China Automotive Technology […]

Upcoming Releases: S6, Another Copycar from BYD?


BYD owes much to Toyota. Its best-selling model, F3, is a copycar of Corolla. The newly-released M6 imitates Previa. On September 15, BYD is going to launch its first SUV, the Lexus RX 350-inspired S6. Debuted at 2010 Beijing Auto Show, the S6 mid-size crossover-SUV has a 2740mm wheelbase. 4810mm long, 1855mm wide, 1680mm high, […]

Chery Denies Connection with GM Tech Theft

China’s Chery Auto released an official statement today, denying that it has had any with the couple accused of stealing General Motors’ hybrid technology documents and attempting to sell them to Chery. On July 22, Du, Shanshan and his husband Qin, Yu, both Chinese-born American citizens, were indicted in federal court on fraud, obstruction […]

Peugeot to Sell Motorcycles in China

Peugeot Motorcycle, a subsidiary of the French automaker Peugeot, is setting up a dealer network in eastern China in partnership with Jinan Qingqi Motorcycle Co., its CEO, Pierre-Louis Colin, said in a recent interview with Chinese media. The two-wheeled Peugeot products will hit the showrooms in December. Since March 2008, Jinan Qingqi, in Shandong province, […]

Upcoming Releases: Suzuki Splash


Working with Changhe Auto (now a subsidiary of Chang’an Auto), Suzuki will release the Splash city car in China towards the end of this year, about 8 months behind the original schedule. Developed by Suzuki in partnership with Opel and debuted at the 2007 Frankfurt Auto Show, Splash fits between the Alto supermini and Swift […]

BAIC Joins the Pursuit of Subaru

As Subaru is on track to attain the goal of selling 50,000 units in China this year and mulling forming a local production venture, various Chinese companies have started a courtship race. After Jiangling, FAW and Chery stepped forward, Beijing Automotive Industry Holding Co. (BAIC) now joins in. BAIC has already two foreign partners, Hyundai […]

Upcoming Releases: Facelifted Reiz from FAW Toyota


Toyota China has been underperforming in recent months. Its H1 sales grew 27.2% year-on-year, well below the industry average of 41%. We consider this a sign of justice being done. For years Toyota has been marketing outdated, underpowered, and overpriced new cars to Chinese consumers. The discriminatory treatment is evident in most of its models […]

Dongfeng Yulon to Build Luxgen Cars in Hangzhou


Yulon Motor, based in Taiwan, is working with Dongfeng Motor building factories in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province. The first car to roll off assembly line will be a Luxgen7 SUV when production begins in the coming October. In Taiwan, Yulon currently builds two models under the Luxgen nameplate, the brand it launched in January 2009: Luxgen7 […]

SGMW Unveils Passenger Car Brand “Baojun”


SGMW, known for its Wuling brand minivans (counted as commercial vehicles in China), unveiled the logo for its future passenger cars at a press conference held in Shanghai today. The name "Baojun" contains two Chinese characters: "Bao" means "treasured," "precious;" "Jun" means "fine horse" or "steed." A three-way joint venture of SAIC, GM, and Wuling, […]

Shanghai Volkswagen Releases Skoda Octavia GreenLine at Changchun Auto Fair


2010 China Changchun International Automobile Fair opens to the public today after four press days. Although it is a tier-1 auto event in China and has attracted 132 companies from around the world showing off nearly one thousand vehicles in total, no important new cars are premiered or launched here. And the theme "eco-tech for […]